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Okean Elzy is the most famous and most decorated Ukrainian rock band. Okean Elzy has been recognized many times as the best rock-and live-band of the CIS by their admirers and music critics. The band vividly express themselves through in-depth lyrics, a unique musical style, and an impressive on-stage drive and energy. Okean Elzy’s records always resonate with their listeners and become an event not only for music lovers in Ukraine, but for the community as a whole.

Further afield, Okean Elzy has one of the highest popularity ratings not only in Ukraine but also the love of many fans from Russia and other countries, which is quite phenomenal for a Ukrainian group, considering that all the lyrics are written in Ukrainian. Their solo concerts, the cornerstone of which is always the genuine live sound, are always powerful. With its musical drive, combination of Ukrainian poetry, of Slavic melodies and powerful European sound, Okean Elzy break down linguistic barriers and conquer listeners irrespective of geography.

In November 2014, after a big stadion-tour among Ukraine and USA, OE presents its newest programm "Zemlia" in best clubs of West Europe - in Italy, Spain, France, UK, Germany.


ATLANTICO - Viale dell'Oceano Atlantico, 271 D - 00144 ROMA